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Supplier Actions


This guide is for suppliers who are new to working with the John Lewis Partnership and contains a brief overview of some of the systems used and helpful information for invoicing and payment queries.

Supplier Accounts with JLP

There are two main types of supplier accounts

  • Goods for Resale; providing goods that we will sell on in our John Lewis or Waitrose branches
  • Goods Not for Resale; providing services or goods that will be used internally within John Lewis Partnership.

You may see these terms used on this site and relevant materials abbreviated as GFR or GNFR suppliers. For any terms you are unsure of when using this site, please refer to our article on JLP Frequently Used Terms 

Identifying GFR/GNFR Invoices

Understanding invoice statuses

Please refer to these guides for listings of potential invoices statuses, what they mean, and any required action to take.


The platforms we use for invoicing

We no longer accept any invoices through paper form. Electronic invoicing is mandatory for all suppliers; you can choose our free web-based portal iSupplier (GFR), Coupa (GNFR) or you can use a third-party EDI provider.

For GFR suppliers the move from iSupplier to Coupa will be coming towards the start of next year. At present, there are support materials for both of these systems linked to this site whilst both systems are in use. The links for these systems are found on the main page Get Started panel, under 'Helpful Links'. If you're having any difficulty accessing these systems, please check some common errors with the guides linked below.


Guiding you step by step

Many aspects of the invoicing activity are fully self-serve, meaning you can complete these actions without time-consuming back and forth with our own administrative teams. We've created guides to assist you with these tasks and have included specific help requests that ensure we capture any information we need to complete the task first time and without delay.

You can browse the articles via the tiles on the main page and if you click on the button below, we take you through the processes step-by-step to ensure you find the help you're looking for. This guidance can also be found by clicking into the 'Need More Help?' section at the bottom of the main page.